Respect the Community

We want Takers to be a fun and safe experience for all our players. If these common-sense guidelines are followed it will help to ensure you and other players have a great experience. It will also help other out in the real world, where the game is played, to enjoy the part they play (a very limited one, I might add). Certain interactions that seem harmless or fun to you may be perceived as harmful by other players or bystanders. Please use your discretion.

Treat others with respect and courtesy and you can expect the same treatment. Please conduct yourself in a civilized manner when playing Takers. Here are some guidelines:

  • Harassment: Doing anything that constitutes harassment, intimidation or stalking can lead to the loss of your account. Accounts may be suspended at any time at our sole discretion.
  • Trespass: Respect the privacy and property right of others. Don’t enter a private residence or area unless you have clear permission to enter. This is a very serious point, as transgressions in this area can lead to far worse consequences than account suspension. You may be mistaken for a burglar or arrested by authorities. Do not violate this rule, for your own safety.
  • Privacy: Never reveal any information that could lead to players or bystanders as discovering your real name or physical address. Please stick to your player name as far as possible. Don’t ask for or post other player’s private information. Any transgressions of these types can lead to account suspension.
  • Contact with Users and Bystanders: Others may be interested in what you are doing while playing Takers. Use common sense and keep the interaction civil. Don’t, for example, tell a police officer that you’re planning on bombing an area (you could be mistaken for a terrorist).Any form of aggression, including foul language or physical intimidation is strongly condemned by Pixalite UK Ltd. If you know of someone who is in breach of these rules, report them to us or block them in chat.
  • Inappropriate Content: The content that you submit to Takers may be reviewed at any time. Especially if it is flagged as offensive by another user. Keep it clean and remember, there are most likely children under the age of 18 years who will be playing the game. Be respectful towards one another.
  • Spam: Don’t be a spammer. It’s a fact that spammers are below cockroaches on the hate scale. Don’t do it.
  • Cheating: There are many forms of cheating, limited only by cheater’s imaginations. Please play fair and respect your fellow users. Should you discover a cheater, please report it to us. Forms of cheating may include:
    • Using unofficial software
    • Win trading
    • Using multiple accounts
    • Selling or trading accounts
    • Etc.

These Guidelines Will be Enforced Strictly

Transgression of any of the above guidelines may be reported to Pixalite UK Ltd. at any time. Such reports will be reviewed and corrective action will be taken. Corrective action may include penalties on your account, suspension, termination or even reporting to the relative authorities. Please stay safe.