Takers is a location-based game in which you can take over your neighbourhood - or the whole world - by using your phone. Get on the move to conquer territories and use the coins you earn to defend and attack.


  • Conquer faster with friends
  • Squad & personal chat rooms
  • Walk to reinforce your territories
  • Arsenal of powers, attack & defence weapons
  • Local and global leaderborad

Squads of rebels are snatching large amounts of land and claiming it as their own.
The squads fight for the valuable taxes that territories yield - taxes which are being used for weapons of mass destruction.

While some fortify their defences, others focus on rapid expansion. Only the strong will survive.
Some call them Takers. Others don’t call them at all - they prefer to hide. Time will tell if you’re man (or woman) enough.
Take what’s yours.
Take what isn’t.
It’s all the same.

Takers turns your real world into a war zone.
Be a part of the action and drop Destroyers on undefended lands.
Build sturdy walls and other defences around your own lands.
Lay mines or charge your shields.

Knowledge bits:

  • Territories cannot be smaller than 0.05 acres and no larger than 50 acres
  • Your path lines expire after 12 hours! Close a circuit before they do
  • Walk on your territory to boost its Shield Units, walk on other territories to weaken it
  • You can only take over a territory after bringing the Health Units to zero
  • Path lines aren’t recorded if you move faster than 10mph (Speed Booster allows 20mph)
  • You can only move squads once (for 7 days)

Takers is great for:

  • Outdoor fun - turn your cycling/jogging route into your territory
  • Socialising - attacking, defending and strategizing with friends
  • Health - get moving to keep active doctors recommend a 45min walk every day
  • Fun - what could be better than taking over the world with your friends?

Get involved!

Facebook: Takers.io
Twitter: TakersHQ

We’re constantly adding new features, want your ideas featured in Takers? Include suggestions for powers, weapons and defences with your store feedback!

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